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SK Trading International promises to be the best in the global market through endless efforts
of change and innovation.
Company Introduction
While building a global trading/marketing platform, we are also endeavoring to unravel new business opportunities and contribute to achieving Net Zero Carbon.

As the only trading company in South Korea specializing in petroleum products, SK Trading International continues to create trading business performance with an advanced risk management system.
Furthermore, we are expanding our portfolio with a green business model aligned with the company's “Net Zero” strategy and growing to become the global leading company in the energy transition trend.

Business Overview
SK본사 전경 사진

Serving as a global trader within SK Innovation, SK Trading International manages crude oil import and petroleum products export for SK Energy and SK Incheon Petrochem as well as naphtha supply to SK Geo Centric.
In addition, we have five overseas bases in Singapore, Houston, London, Dubai, and Beijing to have a direct access to the global trading market.
We are also conducting various investments and business developments to design and promote new business models in energy transition.

With structured business model and outstanding operational capabilities of its members, SK Trading International discretely implements the entire process of trading value creation, including physical and derivatives trading that captures market volatility, bulk-breaking business that changes quantity, and blending that creates value by modifying the quality.