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Business Environment Group

SK Trading International Business Environment Group creates value by bridging the gap between market intelligence and trading business.
Our Work

Global Market Monitoring

Analyze and understand overall global oil supply&demand as well as global economic conditions, based on news from around the world and major institutional reports.

Market Analysis and Forecasting

Deliver market outlooks based on evidence gathered through comprehensive analysis of supply and demand data, global economic indicators, and market sentiment

Oil Derivative Hedge Trading

Make optimal investment decisions via viewing the market from various facets with market outlooks and data analysis

SK트레이딩인터내셔널 서울 본사 Biz환경실 석유사업 RM 조유빈PM

Our People

The appealing point of Business Environment Office is that you can have a hands-on experience in international relations by constantly monitoring global geopolitical issues, current affairs, and economic news.
  • SK Trading International Seoul Headquarters
  • Business Environment Office
  • Petroleum Business RM
  • Cho Yu-bin, PM


What is the role of the “Business Environment Office/RM Unit” at SK Trading International?

Business Environment Office supports the establishment of both short-term and long-term optimal decision-making for the petroleum business by deriving sharp implications related to changes in the business environment. It also contributes to stable revenue generation of the petroleum business by hedging based on market insights.


How does the work of “Business Environment Office/RM Unit” look like in detail?

We forecast the crack spread, price difference between crude oil and its products, and a key factor in determining the profitability of oil refining. Moreover, we closely analyze various factors driving the oil market, such as supply and demand, geopolitical elements, and financial market movements. Accordingly, market research, including plans for building and expanding new refining facilities, is systematically performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to track international market trends. Derivatives trading of crude oil and petroleum product is also a major part of our work. We determine the optimal hedging method and adjust the target level to allow the oil business to generate stable profits.


What are the strengths of the “Business Environment Office/RM Unit” when it comes to trading?

In addition to performing staff tasks such as market forecasting and major report writing, our team has the advantage of gaining experience in derivatives trading with investment banks. This enhances both internal and external competencies. By frequently collaborating and performing various tasks with other departments in SK Trading International and SK Innovation subsidiaries on a regular basis, we contribute to the trading business.


What are the required skills to specialize in the field of “Business Environment Office/RM Unit?”

As you are required to grasp the global oil market, you should be able to read and write English and have the ability to analyze information and data. It is also important to have the logical thinking skills and creativity to look at the market from different angles to forecast the oil market based on data analysis and market information.
If you can swiftly acquire and comprehend information in a rapidly changing market, I believe you can effectively harness expertise in the Business Environment Group.


When did you have the most fun working in Business Environment Office/RM Unit?”

There is a saying that there are opportunities in crises, and I learned how to interpret the market in creative ways to make profits when the market showed high volatility. The appealing point of Business Environment Office is that you can have a hands-on experience in international relations by constantly monitoring global geopolitical issues, current affairs, and economic news.


What has been the most challenging aspect of working in “Business Environment Office/RM Unit?”

Ironically, the most enjoyable moments were also the most demanding one. The challenge arises from the need to continually establish appropriate forecasts and response strategies as the market changes rapidly. Additionally, there are situations where strategies do not align with market directions. However, such challenging times also served as opportunities to have a better understanding of the market and grow.


A word of advice for future members of SK Trading International's “Business Environment Office/RM Unit”

Based on the interview, your first impression on Business Environment Office may be complex and intimidating. While it may seem daunting at first, you may find yourself getting more and more interested as you analyze the market and experience how global affairs change. From various experiences that can only be learned in Business Environment Office, I am confident that new members will be able to grow into all-rounders.