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Trading Risk Management

SK Trading Risk Management is working to ensure sustained profitability in the face of any changes in the business environment. We are bridging the gap between operational departments and management, and advancing our risk management system.
Our Work

Risk Measurement, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

We monitor, analyze, report, and manage Loss Risk, VaR (Value at Risk), and Flat Price Exposure on a daily basis. We consistently perform criteria review and suitability verification related to the measurement and evaluation of various risks.

Counterparty Risk and Credit Limit Management

We regularly establish and manage credit limits for all our trading counterparties, supporting various insurance management and debt collection. Additionally, we respond to real-time issues through industry trend analysis and news monitoring.

Establishment and Operation of Enterprise-wide Risk Management System

We establishes and revises trading risk management policies (“Regulation” and “Business Process”), operates the RM Committee and executes resolutions, and checks employees' compliance with risk regulations and procedures.

SK트레이딩인터내셔널 서울 본사 사업지원실 Trading Risk Management 권혜진PM

Our People

We manage risks to realize stable profits under any market conditions from a company-wide perspective.
  • SK Trading International Seoul Headquarters
  • Business Support Office
  • Trading Risk Management
  • Kwon Hye-jin, PM


What is the role of “Trading Risk Management” at SK Trading International?

Trading Risk Management manages and oversees the stability and accountability of various trading business activities conducted by each of our business units. In addition, we monitor changes in the business environment, respond to market changes such as industry trends, and report to management in a bid to support protecting the company's assets and promoting sustainable growth.


How does the work of “Trading Risk Management” look like in detail?

Our company is actively doing global business and it involves various trading risks due to the uncertainties inherent in the market. In response, we manage these risks systematically by categorizing them into 1) Market Risk (such as position losses based on price volatility), 2) Credit Risk (default of trading counterparts), and 3) Operational Risk (losses due to hidden deals).
In response to changes in the market environment and the company's corporate strategy, our members based in Seoul and Singapore fulfill their respective roles in each of the areas divided into the middle office, credit office, and back office for all business activities of the headquarters and overseas subsidiaries and offices.


What are the strengths of “Trading Risk Management” when it comes to trading?

Due to the intrinsic nature of the Staff department, which assists the management and oversees business activities of operational departments, we believe our greatest strength lies in the ability to work with a broad perspective from a holistic, company-wide standpoint, rather than being limited to a specific product or organization. Additionally, we consider the role of Trading Risk Management, which strives for stable profits in any market situation through accurate and swift trade analysis and systematic business activity management, as a fantastic job that fosters professionalism as an analyst.


What skills do you need to specialize in the field of “Trading Risk Management?”

It appears that there is a need for mathematical and statistical skills to recognize, measure, and manage the price volatility in the dynamic oil trading market. Additionally, financial and accounting analysis abilities to understand and review the financial structure of counterparties, as well as IT-related skills to manage various Risk Management Systems, are essential. Furthermore, possessing strong global communication skills that would facilitate close collaboration with Front Desks domestically and internationally would be highly beneficial


When did you have the most fun working in “Trading Risk Management?”

The crude oil sector I am responsible for has a considerable range of profit and loss fluctuations, making the importance of Market Risk management higher due to daily fluctuations in oil prices. Using the ETRM (Energy Trading Risk Management) system to detect significant changes in profit and loss, analyzing volatility and positions, checking operational plans with the Front, and producing reports provide a truly enjoyable experience, akin to working as a professional analyst.
Furthermore, as part of Credit Risk management, We once identified a Bribery/Fraudulent issue in the industry trends, and this led me to appear in a Case Study video for T-On, our unique in-house education channel. Although I tend to be a bit shy, working on the script and shooting with Ryan, the Credit Manager based in Singapore, was a memorable and enjoyable experience.


What has been the most challenging aspect of working in “Trading Risk Management?”

Risk management must be conducted rigorously every day, and the nature of the job requires swift responses whenever issues arise, regardless of time and place. Continuously measuring and managing risks for the same time and items every day, irrespective of 'public holidays for Korea/overseas offices' or 'personal schedules,' always seems to be a challenge. However, the sense of accomplishment felt when closing the laptop after successfully handling daily tasks is what I find to be the charm of this job.


A word of advice to future members of the “Trading Risk Management” team

Trading Risk Management is a unique and distinctive role that can only be found at SK Trading International. It may seem a bit unfamiliar and challenging to prospective members who are currently outside the organization. However, after joining, with capable and supportive colleagues, you can gradually learn and excel in each aspect, making it a fantastic position to build expertise and grow as a Trading Risk Analyst. We welcome you in advance to join SK People and grow anew within Trading Risk Management through passion and dedication.