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Petroleum Products

SK Trading International is making a leap forward to become a top-tier trading
company through its foresight in petroleum products trading.
Our Work

Import and Export of SK Petroleum Products/Feed

We import raw materials (Naphtha, FO, etc.) required by refineries and petrochemical companies, export various petroleum products produced by SKI-affiliated refineries to overseas markets, and strive to produce and sell high-value-added products of the CLX.

Derivative (Futures/Swaps, etc.) Trading

We address many different types of price fluctuations caused by time-difference, location, and supply-demand changes by hedging. At the same time, we maximize derivative trading profits by proprietary trading based on market analysis. Making systematic decisions about the necessity and scale of trades affects the profit significantly.

Sales/Purchase of Petroleum Products with Global Companies

We find and exploit arbitrage opportunities that need to be met by purchasing petroleum products from over-supplied regions and selling them to under-supplied regions.
These transactions with global companies are made based on an advanced forecast of market, and we create value by capturing the opportunities of supply and demand imbalances.

SK트레이딩인터내셔널 싱가포르 법인 Distillate사업부 Naphtha 이훈성PM

Our People

The moments when actual results confirm the market direction I had predicted provide immense elation and excitement.
  • SK Trading International Singapore Office (SK energy international Pte. Ltd.)
  • Distillate Division
  • Naphtha
  • Lee Hoon-seong, PM


What is the role of “Petroleum Products” at SK Trading International?

Petroleum Products Trading is responsible for exporting petroleum products (naphtha, gasoline, jet, gasoil, fuel oil) produced after crude oil refining at SKI-affiliated refineries to overseas markets and importing feedstocks required by SKI-affiliated refineries and petrochemical subsidiaries. Beyond merely importing and exporting products, we engage in sophisticated trading business activities with global companies. This involves physical trading—buying and selling from international counterparts—as well as derivative trading involving futures and swaps. As a result, we generate substantial annual profits in relation to petroleum products.


How does the work of “Petroleum Products” look like in detail?

Petroleum Products Trading is classified by product type (naphtha, gasoline, jet, gasoil, fuel oil, and biofuel), and traders located in Korea, Singapore, and London perform trading tasks for each product. After gaining experience in trading and operations at the Korean headquarters, I was dispatched to Singapore, where I am currently engaging in daily trading for global companies in the market.


What are the strengths of “Petroleum Products” when it comes to trading?

Unlike other trading companies, we are able to take various trading advantages with the Korea's largest refinery. The trading portfolio is not limited to products like gasoline, jet, diesel, and fuel oil, that is relevant to everyday life and real-time economic conditions. We also trade fuel oil and naphtha, that serve as raw materials for industries. I believe these features amplify the attractiveness of trading in petroleum products. In particular, Petroleum Products trading is especially appealing in that we have established and are operating a business model that combines both the supply of raw materials and the offtake contracts of the products.


What skills do you need to specialize in the field of “Petroleum Products?”

Each product has different properties and its own independent market. For this reason, you need to have hands-on experience in trading with a product-specific understanding. Also, To have the ability to interpret changes in international markets and accurately predict their future direction would be a good additional asset.


When did you have the most fun working in “Petroleum Products?”

It was when the trading positions aligned perfectly with my predictions. There is always a lot of tension and stress that comes with the work because you have to make accurate judgments at every moment. However, the exhilarating and thrilling moments come when, after careful consideration and planning, the market moves in the direction you've anticipated and promoted to flow toward, and the outcome validates your forecasts.


What has been the most challenging aspect of working in “Petroleum Products?”

Though the process of intensely pondering to produce positive outcomes is arduous, the most difficult situations arise when the market does not move as anticipated, leading to unintended consequences. Facing a market that veers in an unpredicted direction, unlike how I predicted the position, proves to be the most challenging aspect.


A word of advice to future members of SK Trading International's “Petroleum Products” team

Trading is a very challenging job that requires you to constantly make judgments and decisions. However, it is a job where you are given the opportunity to grow every day, as your abilities are evaluated daily through your performance. Based on the lessons learned, you will become slightly better than you were the day before. I hope that new members will have the opportunity to improve with us as they grow the company into a global top-tier trading company.