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SK Trading International plays a pivotal role as a global oil logistics professional by directing the reliable chartering and operation of ships for import and export, ensuring stability in the process.
Our Work

Specializing in Global Oil Logistics

We are the team specializing in global oil logistics that is responsible for the chartering and operation of import and export vessels (oil tankers) for SKI-affiliate refineries. We aim to ensure “timely transportation of feed” and “export petroleum products” for stable refinery operations.


Carbon to Green Strategy Implementation

In line with SK's Carbon to Green (Net Zero) strategy, it aims to contribute to achieving Net Zero, which is predicated on securing economic viability, through projects such as utilizing eco-friendly fuel oil and chartering high-efficiency tankers.

Continuous Generation of Freight Profit

We contribute to the achievement of the company's goals by generating stable and continuous profits through the Freight BM (business model) that utilizes internal system requirements as well as 3rd party freight trading activities.

SK트레이딩인터내셔널 휴스턴 법인 원유사업부 Freight 윤재운PM

Our People

Because Freight can be applied to both ongoing and upcoming projects of other departments in the company, it entails a lot of diverse tasks and growth potential.
  • SK Trading International Houston Office (SK energy Americas, Inc.)
  • Crude Oil Division
  • Freight
  • Yoon Jae-woon, PM


What is the role of “Freight” at SK Trading International?

The use of vessels(Oil Tankers) to transport crude oil or petroleum products between countries and regions is very essential. Therefore, Freight is in charge of the overall operations required for such transportation in general.


How does the work of “Freight” look like in detail?

The work of Freight is mainly composed of two parts as follows
1) Chartering :
Negotiating with vessel owners and securing a vessel required for specific cargo transportation purposes through various types of contracts
2) Operation :
Operating vessels secured through chartering to ensure safe transportation


What are the strengths of “Freight” when it comes to trading?

No matter where you are in the world, Freight operates 24/7! When it comes to trading oil or petroleum products between countries, Freight is a critical decision-making factor. For this reason, all members of the Freight Division utilize their specialized knowledge and wealth of experience to play a pivotal role in the growth of SK Trading International as a trading company.


What skills do you need to specialize in the field of “Freight?”

Freight trading requires the following skills
1) Negotiation skills :
Given that each transaction involves discussions and negotiations with various parties, this skill is a critical component of the role.
2) Market analysis skills :
This is a important skill that is essential to gain a comparative advantage and secure a successful deal when negotiating.
3) Risk management ability :
Due to the the volatility of the freight market it is quite extreme for both trading and operation respectively(High Risk Exposure), so the ability to respond effectively to and manage out unexpected events is indispensable.


When did you have the most fun working in “Freight?”

I find freight work entertaining and very rewarding when the company makes a significant profit from the freight trading BM in accordance with my prediction, which is based on the dynamics of the freight market I observe.


What has been the most challenging aspect of working in “Freight?”

Due to the nature of the Freight Division's business, different types of issues in tanker operations can occur any time of the day and any day of the year. In particular, issues such as delayed vessel schedules or damaged cargo are the most challenging because they directly affect other departments and can lead to significant losses in some cases. To minimize the occurrence of such situations, we are committed to agile ship operations management.


A word of advice to future members of SK Trading International's “Freight” team

Freight trading is an area with many unpredictable factors and variables since the freight market is changing with high volatilities in real time basis, Hence, we are bound to be under high pressure when working, but it also makes for a great sense of accomplishment in what we do. Because Freight can be applied to both ongoing and upcoming business models(BMs) of other departments in the company, the range of diversity for our tasks is quite wide which means we have high potential for the growth by the collaboration with other departments altogether.